Sono attends the meeting of heads of audiovisual integration companies convened by Avixa within the framework of ISE 2019

The objective of the meeting was none other that sharing and analyse of the common needs raisen in the industry. The lack of qualified professionals from the audiovisual sector, the professional intrusion, the need for greater certification of professionals or the lack of regulation in the collection of fees for consulting work for large audiovisual projects as regular practice in Spain were some of the topics addressed. 

The intention is that, with Avixa's support, this 'Advisory Group' formed by the representatives of the member companies 'present in the national market', can meet periodically to analyze profress and agree on common actions. From Sono Audiovisual Technology, the director of Engineering department, Javier Santos, positively assesses that "Avixa shows its intention to take a step forward in its support to the national audiovisual sector, being interesting to consider actions aimed at a market with specific conditions and different, in some cases, from those established in the international framework" and emphasises that "it will be interesting to see how the different proposals put on the table are being shaped, in order to achive a strong and recognized national audiovisual sector". 

ISE 2019, towards a more immersive, agile and simple experience

Few new features hightlighted this year at ISE 2019. The commitment, however, to offer immersive audiovisual solutions remains clear. 

  • Samsung took the opportunity to present a new generation of 8K image quality. Combination between the highest resolution in the market with Artificial Intelligence scaling technology for the QLED 8K Signage 82". He also took the opportunity to present version 292" of his wall screen in 8K minimum bezel. 
  • LG also continued in this edition with its proposal of futuristic screens, transparent, felxible and without borders, adaptable to multiple spaces. Based on its OLED techonology, the manufacturere has announced differnt large format models.
  • NEC has presented its solutions for meetings and collaborative spaces, for the co-creation of contents, including the new generation of InfinityBoard saltes, dvLED screens with support an the new range of 4K UHD projectors, with slot OPS Slot-in-PC for chooos from a wide range of interchangeable products. Proposal for the retail sector, applications for creating creative-walls, lobby spaces and facades and large spaces. 
  • Epson presented its new 30,000 lumen ProAV laser projetor (EB-L300000U) in the hall as a preview of the official launch planned for 2020. Projector aimed at rental and assembly companies, focused on the hospitality, museum and tourism environment.
  • Panasonic took the opportunity to confirm its complete transition to laser technology with the presentation of its projector of more than 50,000 lumens looking for the best size / brightness ratio in the sector. The company also took the opportunity to present its complete range of professional 4K screens with a modern and more stylized frame, in its high range. 
  • Absen in a 264 mstand, and under the motto 'Fine Pixel Generation', showed its most evolved solutions in LED scren of minimum pixel pitch for fixed installation and rental.


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