Audiovisual Integration

Sono is a point of reference in the field of audiovisual engineering in Spain.

We create, develop and innovate in the design of permanent audiovisual installations.

We have an internal engineering department (R+D) that is constantly innovating and developing to achieve unique and made-to-measure solutions.

We offer technical consultation, including:

  • Prior viability study
  • Executive project
  • Sale of audiovisual equipment
  • Installation, integration and programming of systems
  • Set up and commissioning
  • Maintenance of installations
  • Full after sales service

We work in conjunction with leading manufacturers to offer the best audiovisual integration solutions in our installations, with the backing of a good guarantee.

Technology, reliability, experience, innovation and interactivity are our keywords.

Our experience and broad knowledge of the audiovisual sector and its applications have meant we can create:

  • Solutions for hospitals
  • Integrated audiovisual installations for hotels
  • Sports stadiums
  • Audiovisual projects for museums and centres for cultural interpretation
  • Audiovisual installations for auditoriums and meeting rooms
  • Showrooms and product exhibitions
  • Interactive solutions for retail

We employ the most up-to-date technology, including:

  • Systems for integral control and synchronisation
  • Signal processing and transmission (HD-SDI, DVI, HDMI…)
  • Audiovisual presentation systems
  • Full HD video projection
  • Interactive screens
  • Large format screens and videowall
  • Multimedia guides
  • Simultaneous translation systems
  • Systems for multi-channel sound, and megaphone and microphone installations
  • Videoconference systems
  • HD filming and retransmission


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Creativity and Audiovisual Technology


Sono is a leading AV services provider in Spain that offers complete solutions for your events, projects and installations.


>Design and consulting for AV projects

>Technical production for temporary set-ups: events, exhibition booths, TV shows...

>Audio visual engineering and integration for fixed installations

>Large stock of AV equipment rental: LED display, projectors, videowall, hire of simultaneous translation material, sound, lighting...)


Sono is your audio-visual provider in Spain, the technological partner that you need to achieve your communication goals. We are based in Madrid and Barcelona.

Find us:




C/ Progrés, 29
(Polígono Industrial Almeda)
08940 Cornellà de Llobregat
Tel.  +34 934 801 000
Fax: +34 934 801 001








C/ Sepúlveda, 6 - Nave 26
(Polígono Industrial Alcobendas)
28108 Alcobendas
Tel.  +34 916 624 217
Fax. +34 916 624 542



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